Event Quarkus, Kogito, and ChatGPT: Intelligent Business Automation & DevOps

Quarkus, Kogito, and ChatGPT: Intelligent Business Automation & DevOps





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Olof-Palme-Straße 14, 81829 Munich


Dear Quarkus Enthusiasts, We're happy to announce our eagerly awaited second event of the Quarkus User Group in Munich. After the resounding success of our inaugural event, we've been hard at work to bring you another insightful gathering. We've lined up not one, but two special talks for you. Agenda: 6:00 PM: Networking 6:30 PM: First Presentation 7:15 PM: Break 7:30 PM: Second Presentation 8:15 PM: Networking 8:45 PM: End 🎤 Talk 1: Markus Herhoffer - "Quarkus, Kogito, and ChatGPT: Automating Business Processes the Intelligent Way!" Markus Herhoffer will demonstrate how Kogito and Quarkus can automate business processes and orchestrate ChatGPT via OpenAI API. He will first give a quick introduction to BPMN, business processes, and the process-based approach. Then, Markus will live-code a project that transforms several BPMN processes into running microservices that use ChatGPT to automate user-centric tasks. He will also explain best practices, separation of concerns, and the optimal way to use Kafka as a broker. Markus is the CTO at exentra, where all backend services are written in Quarkus. He also teaches Wirtschaftsinformatik as a guest lecturer at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, where he works with BPMN, Quarkus, and the process-driven approach. 🎤 Talk 2: Lucas Rott - "Running Quarkus in Production from a DevOps perspective" Lucas Rott will present the best practices and lessons learned from running Quarkus services in several Kubernetes production clusters for several months. He will start with CI best practices such as SonarQube and SBOM-based dependency checks. Then, he will cover CI/CD with Helm, the experience with Quarkus Kubernetes Operators, log aggregation, and monitoring services with Prometheus and Grafana — using the build in extensions for Health and Metrics. Lucas works at DevOps Engineer at exentra and operates exentra’s software at customers like John Deere, Mercedes and Porsche. Whether you're a seasoned Quarkus developer or just getting started, our second event promises something for everyone. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, expand your network, and gain valuable insights into the cutting-edge world of Quarkus. See you there!